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Friday, 6 February 2015

Rotherham 'A' Political, It Seems.

What A Nasty Woman.

Yet another deluded, hubristic and typical Labour Party denier of truth. This supposedly democratic official gloated and smirked at the Union/Labour organised attack on Nigel Farage, today, in Rotherham.

On the one hand she tells Andrew Neil the decades of child abuse in Rotherham is not a political issue. If that's the case, for God's sake, what is? Then she bragged, with glee, that the hinted at violence against Farage was justified and deserved. Claiming Farage was seeking to make capital over the Labour Party, supervised rape and horrific violence against children. The bullying so beloved of Socialists when in power. Now showing up in Redcar!!

So there's she actually making capital over this issue in order to lay dirt at the UKIP leader's door. Such manipulative and ghastly mentality that pervades all things political today. We are very sick, none more so than socialists. There is, however a glimmer of hope insomuch that an air of panic appears to be gripping the Establishment. May gets ever more fascinating.

One further aside from today's Politics programme. Is Mrs Michael Gove, Sarah Vine, comfort eating to excess?

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