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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Only Rotherham?

Try Every Town And City In The UK, If Not Europe.

Not exactly Brad Pitts.

Let's be clear on this Rotherham report. It is only addressing one city. It could, however, have the name Rotherham changed to any other across the UK. Here is a link to the actual document.

In addition to all the hand wringing let us not forget our Parliament and their Common Purpose bosses in the EUSSR created this nightmare for their own agenda fulfillment. The destruction of white National identities. A racist ambition as sick as anything IS and other genocidal despots yearn for.

For once my determined finger pointing that this abuse is all about racism has an
MSM supporter. In the Guardian of all places. Anyone voting for the LibLabCon crowd at the next election are abetting the gruesome and horrific compliance of the Establishment to destroy our children's lives and futures, with their multicultural social engineering stupidity. 

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