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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Islamaphobia Just Got Worse.

I'm So Terribly Sorry.

The imagery to be found in the link (be warned) is why little old me is to be regarded as Islamaphobic. Let alone the latest piece of utter, cowardly stupidity. Yet as others point out, if mainstream, peace loving, loyal Muslim citizens of Western hospitality are so utterly without any criticism, how come the demonstrations barely exist against the terrible and inhuman brutality of their fellow Muslims?

It's one thing to have centuries of this cruelty and barbarity exist but to have had our leaders welcome and give preference to such people, via mass immigration, is as sickening as the ghastly horrors carried out by those so beloved and feted by our own Establishment. 

So there you have it. Despite an ancestry going back centuries, my small minded, little Englander approach to these atrocities is disgraceful. I suppose I must also apologise to the Nazis for hating their barbaric, collective slaughter. 

Whatever, in all humility, forgive me for loathing all things such people do and have done. I am such a poor Christian despite leaning so heavily to a religion built on love. Feelings so different from the rampant, racist and jealous evil embraced by sadistic, misogynistic, inhumane children of Mohammed.