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Monday, 16 February 2015

More EUSSR Integration By Stealth.

We Will, Ere Long, Lower The Flag On Our Armed Forces.

I have used this image on other occasions, a few years back, since. Each of those posts attempted to highlight my belief that a pan European force was the ultimate goal of the EU fanatics. One then expected, if necessary, to swear allegiance to a European master to the detriment of the governed.

I still believe there is a plan to staff a pan European police force, backed eventually by a mongrel military force, comprised of, indifferent to the old Nations, troops drawn from across the continent. Hence one possible reason for the obsession for bringing Turkey into the fold. Already officially members of the EU Gendarmerie. As in the link.

Now many will smirk at this "conspiracy" theory but even my humble observations are, in typical EU fashion for the long game, looking evermore the case. Add to this the long held desire by the US to divest themselves of the cost of bankrolling NATO and another piece can be waved over the jigsaw table. 

Ukraine's new placement and bankrolled by the West, despot, Poroshenko, put there and paid handsomely to allow NATO to park forces and weaponry on Russia's doorstep, is, in my view, another hint. A nice little exercise to flog serious billions of US armaments, as well as allowing them to further the push to turn NATO into a EUSSR military force.

Merkel and Germany would gain a great deal from this and neuter the justifiable antipathy and anxiety of the Brits, who still wonder what on earth two world wars were about. Meanwhile those pursuing power and places at the new Court of Merkel, socialists, civil servants, union barons and those who lust after power, such as Camoron, Clegg and so forth, would kneel to their new masters in Europe, with not one iota of shame for their treason.

I might also add that the Trident replacement cost of billions and billions of mortgage money, with a dragooned population of mortgagee great grand children, yet to be born, can be laid at the door of the "grand plan" for an EUSSR deterrent, loaded on the now subjugated British people. 

Now you may or may not ask why this post today? Read this article with my post in mind. Not least note the whole air of the information revealed is based around it being a very nice earner for the Americans. Not least when it allows NATO to morph into an EUSSR entity. 

Is this now why we are witnessing sabre rattling and sanctions against Russia? Ukraine signs up to NATO and immediately becomes not only an army and military base for European expansionism but gets to be re-equipped with very, very expensive weaponry, aircraft and missile systems. In addition nuclear submarines at their disposal should they require to target Crimea for obliteration!

All I can say, in conclusion, is none of this vaunting ambition will end well. Within this global domination by the West and the USA conglomerate, corporate gangsters, will be a falling out of some sought. Not least one which may already have its seeds sown in our towns and cities. The racial and religious hatred imported under brand Islam. If you consider that far fetched you are a blinkered, naive fool. A case in point.

Ironic that the Chinese and Russian rulers stamp on these barbarians with overwhelming force. We pander to them and as Sky News call them, "ISIS sympathisers". Isn't murdering, barbaric scum a more apt description? Or would that upset our Turkish police force members?

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