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Thursday, 12 February 2015

May Soviet Elections.

Democracy Follows Magna Carta Into The Trash.

My first comment on the last 24 hours is to highlight the killings in Kiev orchestrated by some third party. The total lack of publicity surrounding this amazing sugestion beggars belief but does, whatever its efficacy, show how little we ever are allowed to consider both sides of any happenings.

Disgusting as this may be and the powerful evidence as to EUSSR/NATO backed killers of civilians, it pales when we consider the following State controlled interference in the election counts in May. Obviously postal ballot fraud no longer cuts the mustard. Especially when a pesky new upstart, people's choice Party is doing well, against ALL odds.

So, chaps, what's a new ruse we can employ to ensure this electorate's hatred of the Corporate Committariate is not successful in a fair ballot? After many months of deliberation up pops this grotesque solution. Read and weep for what has been destroyed.

"Below is the text written by Jonathan Oakton our PPC following his briefing at the Shirehall in Hereford on Monday. Read this, and then reflect on what is taking place before our very eyes."

"Monday evening 9th February saw my political agent Peter (Friend) and I attending the Shirehall in Hereford for the Nominations Officer’s briefing to all the Election candidates. After the usual advice about nominations and deposits I was totally shocked to hear how the Count was going to be conducted. “We will be holding a new type of count” said John Jones the Nominations Officer,. Political party’s Count agents will only be allowed to stand at the end of a table of 8 counting staff, the votes on each table will be counted and the tally for that table will be secreted away by the Returning Officer and a running total kept by him, there will be no central deposit of counted and bundled votes where anyone can see who is leading, no indication as to what the current situation is and that no Candidate or agent can use a phone or camera in the counting area. All Press and TV cameras are to be kept out of the Count and restricted to a separate anteroom. The result will be announced by the Returning Office from the figures entered on his lap-top by him!"  


  1. well it worked well in scotland,where the yes votes ended up in the bin

  2. As Uncle Joe Stalin used to say
    "It's not the people who vote that counts, it's the people who count the votes"

  3. How sad to be so powerless.