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Friday, 13 February 2015

Is This The CIA Breaking Cover?

In Western Global Politics, Nought Is Ever What It Seems.

I appreciate will have a Putin friendly agenda but so do the West's media lackeys. Particularly the BBC. A bigger enemy of truth and population than most, if not all, others.

However, this article and video has CIA string pulling behind it. If our British PM was not, as all our leaders are, so far up the Corporate orifices of American global ambition, he might direct his criticism of Putin across the Atlantic as well. There was Ukraine, muddling along until the West chose to stir up anti-Russian feeling. Quite possibly with brutal and murderous actions.

Then we have the latest gaffe, notably all this ignored by Western media despite their must know status. Thus our own media revels in collusion and corrupt presentation happily ignoring revelations such as we have to seek elsewhere. If we dare or can be bothered. 

Mustn't let Obummer's stand up routine be subsumed by real events in the world, of course. We must never know how yesterday's enemies become today's friends, as we see in the first link of this post. Since this NAZI style crowd of sycophants sing the same anti-Russian tune the EUSSR and US leftie crowd warble, what's not too like?

Still, I argue that the CIA have no desire to reach any agreement that might reduce arms dealing round the Planet, especially if a major competitor in the East can be compromised. 

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