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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Is Obama Going Mad?

The Evidence Is That He Is.

He is possibly estranged from his Mrs. Whenever filmed approaching a dais it's often an exaggerated swagger, hands in pockets and rarely eye contact with any partner alongside. Words versus body language! In the clip linked to you can feel Merkel's anger and antipathy to The US President.

As for Obama's CIA and colleagues, there is so little evidence of their singing from any hymn sheet, let alone the same one. Why, other than a desperate need for a new armaments sales opportunity, to replace the disaster that is Iraq, does Obama speak of arming the descendants of these dreadful atrocities? Albeit the West's connivance and EUSSR support for the thugs placed by the West in Kiev, using and resurrecting the deep seated hatred of the past, was initially seen as an OK strategy.

I digress. My fear for Obama's mental health is mainly the rather mad suggestion from his lips with regard to providing weaponry to Kiev and even troops. All this when the World faces an overwhelming bestiality and barbaric rise of Islamic cruelty, on a level last experienced in the dark ages. That a seemingly ironic pun!

Since Putin and China, for that matter, regardless of their credentials, are the best hope we have for economic survival and a subsequent buffer against the terrorists seeking to destroy our Western values and successes, going to extraordinary lengths to upset those Nations, reeks of insanity. I argue that Angela Merkel's body language speaks the same language of concern for the mad rhetoric coming from the Man and the doubts expressed by little old me!

If we think of the effort which goes into PR and presentation, in the modern age, then watch the tell tale signs on display, not least during the featured press conference, surely the question of either Obama's sanity or his corporate backers and erstwhile dubious advisers motives are reasonable to question. The current behaviour over Russia borders on being related to the following clip! Enjoy, if you dare!

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