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Friday, 20 February 2015

If Only....

We Were An Independent Nation.

We have been shown a glimpse of common sense and intelligent comment today. A rare report which observes the paucity of our EUSSR cabals. Still the propaganda is pushed against Russia with quite pathetic statements being trotted out as some wise, unchallengeable  truth. Such as this nonsense.

You can be sure Fallon is paving the way for an increase in defence spending likely to favour wherever he expects his next sinecure is destined to be. Such is the grasping nature of our politicians. Always more attention paid to their own nest egg littered futures than anything a brief sojourn in power as an honest public servant might yield.

If we look at our inability to distance our Nation from the grotesque attempt to snaffle Ukraine from Russian influence, by the CIA and the EUSSR, only for our own "senate" in the Lords to tell us how bad this is, then we glimpse a mighty signal as to how stupid this wannabee Empire is.

If we add to this childish attempt, at expansion East, the Greek and euro crisis, which takes 28 different entities to screw up, 19 sharing a common currency in uncommon status, procrastinate and eventually fudge at great cost, we see another horrendous example of an EUSSR incapable of rational function. 

If the UK were independent and not in hock to huge European debt and membership fees, the fall out from a fracturing of the eurozone would be nothing like the problem it is to the club's membership. Not only that, we would be able to talk and trade with Russia without being forced to spout the doctrine according to Merkel.

We would have back our own fishing grounds, our own energy policy and a legion of better, less bureaucratic options.. Billions in red tape, special privileges and lavish salaries, perks and unwholesome practices would be at someone else's cost, not ours. A no brainer. Just like that EUSSR Commission. Not a jot of sense to be detected anywhere.

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