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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Don't Shed Your Tears.

A Piece Of Work Quits.

Are they having a laugh? You bet.

So Malkie has quit. Now he can do a Bliar. Milk his privileged, easy got contacts, made from his political votes to trouser many millions. Soon his bragging, about £67k being peanuts, can be realised.

No more the nervous, bumbling, comic, rural solicitor, our boy can stride the globe, trousering and hoovering up billions on the back of our stupidity in voting such scum into power. He might even add £400 a day to piss in the House of Lords' urinals before a lucrative lunch party.

As for that sleazy partner in immorality, greed and exploitation, Straw. He can sit back on a hundredfold number of sinecures whilst coaching his boy in how to rape the public purse. This hypocritical scum have no problem with hereditary beneficence if it's in house. Are they not hateful and ghastly creatures of greed and nepotism?

If only the British people would wake up and decapitate this gorgon Establishment. It turns me to stone, that's for sure. 

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