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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Do Not Put This On The News.

EU/NATO Backed Forces Shell Enemy Hospital.

Surely the pure as the driven snow, Western supported troops, wouldn't risk sanctions with this atrocity? Heaven forbid any patients might have been burnt alive in there, eh?

What grotesque double standards we apply, or at least our Establishments apply, when it suits them. Russian efforts to protect their own, proud supporters, evil and wicked. Slap them down with shelling and sanctions against their benefactors. A bit like Dave and his EUSSR pals sought not so long ago, to back Syrian rebels, who in reality are allied to IS.

When we get it wrong, boy it's always breathtaking in its stupid, hypocritical convenient morality. To defeat the barbaric, inhuman savages of Islamic militancy, we need Russia very much on board. Instead we give sanctuary and hospitality to those who would have us all die horrifically. Such pleasant politicians we have.

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