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Monday, 23 February 2015

Another Week, More Vomit Inducing Politicians.

How Very Dare You Question Our Money Grubbing Ways?

It's so predictable. These pair are deliciously exposed, not necessarily as chancers and sleazy exploiters of their political, tax payer funded, privileged life styles. Exposed as creepy, shallow, self interested troughers at the teats of our Establishment milk of greed and the exploitation of position and "power".

They are virtually all the same. The shameless and blatant approach of both men but particularly Rifkind, who claims abusing a position of trust and salary, granted by their lucky place in the world, is tickety boo. To claim behaving in this manner of still requiring  more dosh, to fund an already wealthy life style, was so rainbow cough inducing as to be potentially fatal and choking in its complete and total arrogance and belief the world owes them more than they already have had showered on them.

Just because two fading politicos of a previous generation have been caught squeezing every last drop of their diminishing power and shrinking influence, should not detract from how they all, if not immediately corrupt when given trust as they enter Westminster, are soon "radicalised" as to how to exploit and churn their good fortune. All must wish fervently and drool lasciviously at the wealth machine that is Bliar the Warmonger and devastater of lives.

None of them care about sovereignty, democracy or their Nation's well being. Well every election time there's some posturing but that's it. After that it's a few years cosying up to the bigger trough managers and access controllers in Brussels and Berlin. Much bigger opportunities for ever greater wealth to be had there. More power to be harnessed as quislings than people caring for those voters who elect them.

Mind you some of the has-beens can't stay away. Deluded as to their own importance, hooked on the notoriety game and struggling to earn the levels of income once enjoyed as short spoon diners, PBC Question Time panelists and all round minor celebs, they dabble at a "come back". I refer to Lord of The Pies Prescott.

It is said Porky is to be an unpaid adviser to Wallace. Yeah, so he can't be done for offshore tax avoidance. It'll be all about a small business expense account tucked away and kept fat by gullible trade union subs.

It's how it's done of course. Just as with the duo of buffoons caught out just now and blathering self righteous, self pitying,whining excuses. It really is all about them. How wonderful if the electorate woke up in May and put this behaviour out of circulation for, one wold hope, a generation.

Sadly, such is the grip on power the incumbents have, occupying other Countries under the benevolent guise of economic support, as we se in Greece, any attempt at changing this ghastly, undemocratic and gangster philosophy of global domination,looks slim. As I have said often, Putin and China seem the only obstacles to a global empire of corporate greed and subjugation. How ironic is that?

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