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Friday, 2 January 2015

The Greatest Ever Cover Up Begins.

Child Exploitation At The Very Top.

Only two days into the New Year and the Establishment are up to their old tricks. Indeed just one day in we got this small calibre salvo, a veiled warning to the victims and a typical "we will tell you little people what's what". A woman required to stand down because of family connection to another dubious figure in the shape of her brother's own history.

One thing we must always remain aware of, paedophiles have parents, wives and families. When those nearest and dearest collude and protect their own, the higher their place in the Establishment, the greater their ability to be successful. That such defenses allow this horrendous abuse of vulnerable and lonely children and allow the ever increasing rise in trafficking and slavery, matters not when protecting the sanctity of privilege or the promotion of political correctness.

As for the sanctity of privilege. The anxiety behind the secrets languishing in the depths of the Establishment, until now little more than mild irritation, is beginning to become less languid. Despite this matter's legal status the "Palace" chooses to issue a denial. One no doubt broadcast to potential jurists in America and likely to discolour any prosecution case. On top of that a quiet message to anyone looking to curry favour with the Royal Family in protecting their nearest and sadly, dearest.

There is no doubt some midnight oil being burnt sufficient to create an inferno. MI5 and MI6 will be gathering their own present and past protectors of this nastiness, an evil reputedly and  also populated by secret service hierarchical scum. This is some effort going to be required to sit on this Pandora's box. An effort likely to claim further lives in its need to kill any individual with a key to that box.

We can but hope that the gap in the lid will allow enough daylight to force it wide open. One thing now available is the internet. A global tyre lever able to prise open even the most secure boxes of secrets.

Furthermore, when these awful and grotesque paedophiles are believed to have exploited tax payer funded security services, political connections and deeply ingrained abuse of ridiculous non-jobs for the boys, those with any belief in decency and or children to protect will be less forgiving.

Prince Andrew's get out clause will be the plaintiff is said to have been 17 years old and ergo OK in English law. Less easy will be the claim she was coerced but again the allegations can be ducked with "I had no idea yer 'onour". However this one case will not be just that, a one off.

As for Epstein, a fine friend for anyone to have. So why did this Prince of The Realm deem it perfectly fine to enjoy this man's largess on the back of his Government non-job jamborees? Indeed how many other characters such as Peter Mandleson dined at these tables of short spoon fine dining?

The more we dig the greater the questions which remain unanswered. Maybe, just maybe, we may learn more. Not least matters such as the suggestion Bliar was blackmailed into supporting Bush in his failed Iraq intervention. To date we have a huge library of ifs, maybes and innuendo.

Nevertheless, so much is now coming to light that is more and more difficult to suppress. We may get some concrete prosecutions. This ever growing clamour  and number of victims may well overwhelm the cretins in power. Whilst the dirty secrets remain hidden we can never, ever, expect to have a Government or society we can be proud of.

It's a big ask, since the Establishment is required to sacrifice its own. For that to happen, in an election campaign is most unlikely, if ever, of course. Unless a precious child of their own is found above a kebab shop or in a posh children's home, funded by the perpetrators of this abuse at the highest level.

Further discussion can be found here. Serious and intelligent presentation.

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