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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Art Of Kicking Into Long Grass.

The Establishment Show Their Cover Up Credentials.

This piece of excrement, now residing in Hades, shows the smug face of our Establishment when it comes to their child abuse recreational activities. So today, tucked away and part of the expected procrastination was this late afternoon session of the Home Affairs Committee.

I am not a fan of Vaz, whom I find odious and creepy, mega rich on the back of my and your taxes. However if he were able to stick it to his colleagues in Parliament and Whitehall, wonderful. If that then leads to gaining justice for the thousands of abused and buggered flotsam, so carelessly tortured by those deviants, so cosy in their sense of invincibility, I'll laud him to my grave.

One member of  the Abuse Enquiry Panel, as can be found from the link, had this to say about the pillar of the Establishment put in to obviously intimidate any members not toeing the cover up line;

"I feel bullied and I have felt intimidated by an adviser to the panel [Emmerson] ... And I made a complaint about the fact that I felt he was overstepping his mark, in terms of that advice and rewriting of letters, because I feel the independence of the panel is important ...
I feel as a survivor I have felt very bullied because I have said that I do not feel it is right for letters to be written. And I have been told by the Home Office about certain information that I may not give today about the outcome of the complaint."

What a blatant ar*eh*le of a plant is Emmerson. After kicking and screaming to stop this inquiry, the scum that forms the ghastly and perverted, paedophile underbelly of our Masters, calmly put a big mate in place as an overseer. An academic, legal professional bouncer, no better than the thugs employed to stand guard over the evil trysts and the sadistic dens used to rape and torture children for the sickening and gratuitous satisfaction of some of the worst animals on the Planet.

It is unlikely these sadistic child molesters will ever be exposed. Their placemen in the Police, Civil Service and Westminster have such a grip on their endemic, vomit inducing cruelties. When a so called independent enquiry is ostensibly formed, only one member speaks up against the bullies put in over them.

Watching the erstwhile colleagues of the brave Sharon Evans wriggle and spout allegiance to "protocols" was like watching the rape of a child before our eyes in its horror on display. I hope Ms Evans has very good protection. Just wait and see what unfolds. At best she will be set up and her character assassinated or at worst she'll be discovered having followed Doctor David Kelly's inexplicable "suicide".

How are we ever going to break this cabal of Satanic aficionados and their drug fuelled cruelty, left to run riot through the innocents coming off the trailer trash production line? How can we abhor the Asian grooming gangs when in practice they are probably pimping their left overs and cast offs for the final, snuff porno scum at the very top of our Governing Classes.

Perhaps a way forward might be to appoint Peter Mandleson and Kenneth Clarke as joint Chairmen of the inquiry. After all, it might be argued, what more experienced statesmen, apart from maybe  Lord, for God's sake, Robertson, might you look for?

As for Emmerson, the man should be hung drawn and quartered for his "advice" and bullying nastiness. Or made a hereditary peer in order to preserve his genes for posterity. Surrogate ones, I suspect. Instead he will pontificate and obfuscate whilst his mates "sort" the courageous Sharon Evans. Sadly my post will be easily suppressed and its value zero but we have to try, no matter how seemingly futile.

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