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Friday, 23 January 2015

Rubbish, As Ever.

Jeez, They Stick Together.

"Look, Dave, they're just street lids."

As if they have no staff. The Establishment hint that, with a huge sigh of relief, we can suggest no further action can be taken on this issue. Typical carpet lifting technique with a large number of individuals sweeping in unison.

The "tributes" pouring forth also emit a huge smoke screen, too, belching out of the usual tainted orifices. In actual fact, a large number of senior and junior civil servants will have and still be, conspiring with their nasty chums in the security services to force this dreadful and endemic disease of paedophilia in high places to only be stuck on "celebrities" and BBC personnel.

Even if many of their fall guys are guilty, all they are just patsies to help the "big" players escape exposure. Much as the very top echelon of the Police Force are equally bribed, corrupted and knighted or purely blackmailed to toe the line. 

To suggest Leon Brittan's actions over this weirdly missing dossier mean he takes these secrets to the grave is preposterous. Whether any decent politician or Establishment figure would stick their neck out is unlikely. Certainly no Cabinet Minister. More's the shame, literally.

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