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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

PMQs Today.

Milibad, From Bad To Worse.

The NHS "weaponisation" is all this clown can muster. Their, Labour's, last "weapon" turned out to be the peashooter of cost of living crisis. I suspect, as economic growth remains, money for the NHS and other services will become more readily available. 

How revenue and growth is managed will be critical and a delicate, deft touch required. Not least as the euro becomes ever more untenable. If, an ever bigger if, Lofty Goofy gets into Number 10, his Union pals will ensure their civil service membership will become once more cossetted and overpaid for less work. Just as the GPs were bought off by Labour and A&E left to cater for lack of out of hours GPs, so our economic private sector growth would be once more stifled under a blanket of bought and paid for state workers.

I'm no lover of David Cameron but his snarling contempt for Labour, at PMQs today, was long overdue. He spoke of them as I have always felt about them. Small minded, selfishly ignorant of how a Nation should be run and guilty of mass immigration overwhelming their NHS weaponry. 

Add to this their overmanned civil service, tax and spend, boom and bust and an unwholesome relationship with failed banks and the nightmare that Lofty in power, with Balls up in tow as the economic clown in residence, the outlook for our frail recovery would be wrecked.

So, in summary, Cameron and the Tories would be well advised to tell it how it was under 13 years of Labour minnows at the levers of power. If you need yet a bigger reason to loathe this hypocritical, self centered bunch of bully boy, union propped up, hypocrites, then remember their gentrified, mega rich beneficiaries of your taxes. The Kinnocks,  Mandelson and the daddy of them all, Blair's blood money. To name but three.

Sure all politicians are questionably wealthy but only Labour mouth policies of "equality" and soak the rich, when in reality it is the middle classes aspirational success they hate because it's conservative with a big and small "c". They court and mimic the mega rich, basking in the light of reflected glory from their backside licking method of government.

So more of calling the gold digger shovels of Socialist grandees the spades they are,  Mr Cameron. You just might squeak a majority in May, if you do. Also note how quiet McCluskey is just now and beware his potential nastiness to prop up his puppet, Lofty Goofy.

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