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Monday, 12 January 2015

I Guess I Must Join Them.

"Them" Being Our Establishment."

Such charming individuals.

How to become loved by your leaders. Don't react to the savages placed by "them" in your midst. Embrace and show enormous sympathy and respect for the murdering, ignorant, rapist savages imported for reasons hard to fathom by "them". So here goes.

ISIS and all Islamic men and many women, justify their barbaric behaviour in the name of their glorious, peadophile prophet, Mohammed. Since many of their perceived enemies are white, I guess we should all bow in respect at each of their atrocities. Hail those leaders who so adore and seek to massage the slaughter as acceptable grievances.

The Boko Haram latest military success and great victory in its massacre of unarmed innocents is to be seen as yet another glorious and noble chapter in the history of Islamic brutality. Rejoice and forget your fears, for our Masters embrace, sympathise and adore these savages with a love superior to their hatred of their own people and Nations.

Of course bonkers Boko is just one arm of the rampaging, beloved hordes, invited into the heart of our Nations in Europe and adored by those who seek to suppress democracy and decency. Seemingly virtually all of our Establishments. So, rejoice at the loving embrace, by our leaders, of all these horrors. 

After all, none of Establishment ever get caught up in these noble and so understandable killings. Is that because our taxes go to fund huge protection, or is it their public adoration and love for all things Islam and non-white? Tough to call, that. 

Still, since this almost childish crush on maiming and racist killers, now solidly ensconced in our towns and cities, any mention of immigration, the vehicle for so much terror, needs not feature in any election campaigns. So long as the corridors of power, sucking up to the joyous activist martyrs of Mohammed, are safer than our streets, no need to broadcast the other side of this love affair twixt the powerful and the evil wonderment of murdering savages.

When next the powerful speak of "keeping our streets safe", remember they mean those the preserve of their own London streets and Cotswold towns, Judges' halls and Bishops' Palaces. Plus, naturally, those city streets now belonging to their beloved terrorists and Mosque based training camps, for the glorious, noble killers and racists.

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  1. When I heard the figure relating to 2,000 killed by Boko Haram on the radio this morning I thought that I had misheard the reporter, but it would appear not. Their brutality is staggering. Nothing to do with Islam . . . apparently.