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Saturday, 10 January 2015


Truth And Reality Remain Out Of Political Stupidity. 

As the blood dries on the pavements of Paris out come the apologists and chatterati to preach how disadvantaged the ghettos and slums populated by third world, mostly coloured hordes of migrants. People encouraged by the sick minds of those in power to somehow wash out of human existence the need of all creatures to belong and feel part of their own kind.

Whatever arguments might be made for multi cultural enforced integration, it has never worked. People have an in built need to go back to their roots. If displacement and promises of rich, golden uplands in the West have duped millions to seek those imaginary havens, the slums, poverty and antipathy experienced was inevitably destined to create the mess now in place.

If we look for who is responsible for the simmering cauldron of racist resentment, ingrained in the masses, crammed into the ghastly slums now the mark of every major Western cities' peripheries, the Establishment and their innate obsession with a global single entity of human mass, are to blame.

What is never spoken of is how this deprivation of whole and huge swathes of immigrant corralling, ignites the seething hatred of white, fellow citizens. This ridiculous meme that racism is only to be found in white people is a joke. 

Since it is perpetrated by politicians and our Establishments, who are all clowns, joking around is their stock in trade. Trouble with that is that their humour is all evil and their masks those of nasty and fearful clowns. Certainly their performances are far from funny, as Gunner Rigby and the dead in Paris are testament to.   

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