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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Election Year.

Who Would Have Believed It?

The erstwhile main three parties have declared, especially Labour, that immigration will not be discussed. Since their, Labours', "weaponisation" of this subject" is paying off as designed, why would they? 

For some inexplicable reason they and Wallace Milibad, also determined to turn the NHS into a WMD style subject forgetting that Labours' track record on weapons of any kind is very iffy. Let alone the inconvenient truth that here is another weapon backfiring.

So far, so good as far as shooting socialist foxes. Before we rejoice in the possible destruction of Labour, bear in mind they might, in 90 or so days time, be crowning Gerry Adams Deputy Prime Minister and Nicola Sturgeon Chancellor of The Exchequer. Ergo able to divert billions of English tax revenues to Scottish beneficiaries.

Then as our would be Government pitch their pitches for Office, arrogantly only prepared to gild lilies to hide dismal failure, let us ask some serious questions.

Why is nothing done to bring senior figures to book over child abuse and endemic brutality now a daily cancer in our midst. One heavily connected to Asian gangs, abetted by Authority. We now have the dregs of a once decent Nation steeped in sadistic cruelty to the elderly and the young, with never a mention at the hustings as to any measures to deal with this decay.

Then there is the matter of the crooks and banking gangsters running the EUSSR. Again not to be mentioned. The draconian and brutal conditions forced on the people of Greece to pamper the greed and arrogance of a United States Of Europe. A thinly disguised Fourth Reich. Again the socialist metaphorical weaponisation of economies. One under a veneer of good intentions leading straight to hell for the majority.

In this short post I have tried to point out yet another election campaign which will do, just as that manipulated and useless Question Time programme does, little to address real issues. An audience of leftie placements little more than spectators of a futile, choreographed pantomime. 

Have we ever had an election campaign in which the desperate issues, engineered out of the limelight, over decades, come to the fore? Of course not. Any party which asked the electorate to vote for mass immigration at the expense of overwhelming  our schools, hospitals, welfare capability and hard won decencies, would unlikely have been elected.

So, as ever, May will bring drama and surprises but the core Establishment grip on power will carry on as always. Just the speed of our demise as a wealthy Nation for all will change. Under another socialist regime it will be much, much shorter than anyone else. Not least with Gerry "kneecap" Adams a Privy Councillor!


  1. The erstwhile main three parties have declared, especially Labour, that immigration will not be discussed.

    And therein lies the indicator of how one should vote this time round. :)