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Monday, 26 January 2015

Climate Change And Greek Bid For Freedom.

Corruption Versus Decency And (Un) Common Sense.

This election, despite reams and reams of paperless and paper comment and miles of media presentations, is not the path desired by the despicable cabal of American Corporate global ambition. It is a glaring recognition by a populace that one size does not fit all. For, regardless of the somewhat arrogant dismissiveness that Greece is but a minnow, this vote is a large shot across the bows of the American/German Axis that dominates the subjugation of European Nations.

As for the raging debate as to what happens next, in truth this is uncharted water. That this water may become awash with blood is likely. Only whose blood remains unpredictable. After all, the EUSSR has been very adept at shedding others' blood in the Balkans and Ukraine, for example. Were a Greek thumbs down to Merkel and her allies in Washington cause greater consequences beyond the boxing weight of Greece, would be a bonus.

As for Greek debt. Compare those liabilities to the colossal sums thrown at the flawed and corrupt cost of "climate change" dogma, legislation and profiteering, (Guess who?). If these vast fortunes were diverted to support the genuine needy, the Greeks a perfect example, a vast proportion of debt would be easily resolved.

Instead we are force fed lies and gross misinformation in order to promote a new vehicle on which vast sums can be extorted from tax payers to benefit the "chosen" few. Don't take my word for it, consider evidence painstakingly researched, here. Were such sums be injected into EUSSR States, large and small, we would all be better off. Not least if the oil price drop was properly past on to consumers. A 50% fall leads to a 5% drop in domestic energy. A 50% rise becomes a 60% increase.

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