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Friday, 16 January 2015

All Talk And No Trousers.

All politicians.

Of the awful failure of human activity, mass migration is one of the most horrific. So when some slave to corporate greed of a politician's mouth moves, you know it's saying anything but the truth. Since they're all from the same mouldy mould of nepotistic and inherited privilege, non more than socialists, it might seem unfair to single our Camoron.

Yet when the scale of his impotence and deceit becomes manifest, he has only his own failure to blame. No wonder he wishes to ignore the subject of uncontrolled immigration. 

Terrorists by the thousands stalk our cities, our NHS is beyond help and saturated with unknown daily and annual increases in demand from across the Globe. Likewise our housing, water supplies and sewerage processing. Our schools will soon be holding classes under canvas and mud huts and struggling with thousands of illiterate, foreign, English hating, jihad recruits.

Add into this mix of decay and decline the globalist barons of gangsters, corporate bosses and their banking, crooked mates, the future looks very bleak. Not least their ridiculous belief that they can succeed by isolating the colossal power and economic, oil and resource rich Russian and Chinese axis.

As a measure of this incredible stupidity shown in the heart of North America and the cess pit HQ of the ever more destructive Europe, look no further than this must read article. 

As the West's obsession with protecting the sea anchor that is The EUSSR and its joke single currency, the euro, Sino-Russian economic power will mobilise, on the back of National self belief. 

As Western Nations are subsumed into a failed morass of a feeble and unrealistic slum of corruption and gangsterism, the old nations will mirror present Western suburbs. A global sink estate abandoned by the more successful National alliances of the future world order. Led by China and Russia. 

Two great powers waving flags for their own citizens, not countries without identity, decency or freedom and no longer knowing who or what they have been allowed to become. The only remnant of a global, empirical dream will be a carbon copy, a mirror image of the present Western towns and  cities and their disadvantaged, lost, addled occupants. 

Millions who have bought into the seductive siren songs and lies of globalist Bilderbergers and their mouthpieces. The same morons who have only recently wrecked Ukraine and fomented the Middle East for their own perceived advantages. Messing with two nuclear super powers, however, would appear rather ridiculous, wouldn't you think?

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