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Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Traitor Speaks.

Apologist For Barbaric Activism.

My response to the question in the pic is "is the Pope Catholic". So when the cretinous, smug perpetrator of so much of our disparate, dysfunctional, multi-cultural hell the UK and Europe has become, his weasel words today come as no surprise.

This is a throwback to the exact same disgusting vilification of Enoch Powell's so prescient words and forecasts decades ago. We can expect any utterances pointing the finger of truth as to what is going on to get this approach from the despots in power.

Note how we were expected to obey the call to despise Putin since he desired to protect his own people in Crimea. Likewise nobody referred to hating the Nazis as a phobia, since it didn't suit the PTB. Then, there was good reason to have such a phobia.

However to express loathing, disgust and hate for what these Islamic, misogynistic, paedophile rapist representatives are doing to destroy Christian values and decency, we are branded as "Islamaphobic". We have millions of third world, poverty stricken, in the main, poor quality folk, introduced into our Nation and dragging us down with their demands on our NHS, schools and language, with their their language of incompetence. In God's name why has this been done?

Yet we complain at our peril. We are branded as "little Englanders" if we protest at our hospitality being abused and our lives overwhelmed by chip on the shoulder racists. For however much religion and Islam is hidden behind, the reality is these immigrants are little more than ant-white, full blown racists. 

Consider how little trouble and complaining, positive discrimination is afforded, for example, Polish immigrants. So, Clegg, you ghastly little spawn of privilege and smugness, get stuffed. As I suggested yesterday, with good reason, you and your ilk are more to blame for the chaos in our modern world. More responsible for mass social engineering and the fomenting of a toxic brew than anyone else.

Still, the more Farage is vilified for expressing a majority opinion the better. More deserved nails in the Establishment coffins come May, God willing.

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