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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Glimpse Behind The Scenes.

So Little Are We Ever Told Of The Truth Of Our Deceitful Establishment.
First he'll give away Gibraltar. Then the next lot will sell out, unlikely to be the Cameroon Tories, the Falklanders. Just you wait and see. The latter will be further pressure by the Germans and their minions in Brussels. Billions will change hands behind our backs and Argentina flog billions in oil to their best friends in Berlin.

Add to the building site white elephant construction back-handers and corruption, epitomised here and just a whiff of how bad things are for the "little people" is evident.

For a more powerful sense of the stench of our erstwhile main party leaders, I offer the following links;

Our one vain hope for change, first.

 Then a Reminder from August 2013
Immigration and recession boost UK population by 420,000... the fastest growth in Europe. New figures show there were 63.7 million in the UK in mid-2012
Increase of 419,000 or 0.7% in a year, Office for National Statistics says
813,200 births in 12 months, the largest number seen since 1972
165,600 more international migrants arrived than emigrants left.

Still, don't discuss immigration or EUSSR matters. Just keep making more and more provision for ever more immigration. This time by many, many masses with entitlement endowed by our Lords and Masters in Brussels. Still immigration and the EUSSR, no mention to be made in a General Election, got it?

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