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Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Convenient Demise.

Cancer Strikes Another Figure.

Despite the pictures, two of these guys kept their mouths shut to the grave.

Today, seemingly out of the blue, "Lord" Brittan has died of cancer. Not only was he accused of sitting on files, reported as viewed by the late Lady T, he was also implicated in scandals of paedophilia, as a perpetrator. So deep were his known dubious associations, his figure loomed large over the failure to get the child abuse enquiry underway. 

There will be many people in the corridors of power, I feel sure, heaving sighs of relief this man will no longer be available to provide any evidence under oath. Not only that, his relatively premature death will allow a Savile style concentration on Brittan's life style issues and provide an extra diversionary bit of tin can kicking, safe that others will dodge accusation.

Certainly fate is a strange phenomenon. Just one day after this file was "discovered" a possible subject of its content, along with probably quite a few others, will have undergone much trepidation, possibly even fear of discovery. Could such a shock expedite the already compromised human frame? We will never know, at least in this instance but it is a fickle digit for sure.

If we just consider that the man's high office of Home Secretary may have been his only transgression of failing to act on abuse accusations, many victims will feel cheated. If, as is alleged, he was a participant and orchestrator  of serious abuse, then the satisfaction of his public shaming is also denied.

Still, even as I write, we must remember that the historic, Establishment, cruel, sadistic abuse of children goes on, even today. Who, we might ask are the most evil, Asian racist abusers of young white girls or their Establishment, like minded activists? 

The former, imported from cultures where female children and women are seen as less valuable than their handkerchiefs. Or those who have made our Nation the pit of despair it has become, whilst engaging in the most horrific self gratification we can imagine? I leave you with that question.

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