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Monday, 22 December 2014

Yet Another Reason To Loathe The EU.

The Rape Of Our Waters.

This link shows the utter stupidity, self interested kow towing to the French, for fear of irking the Krauts. That not only the English fishing industry is sacrificed but a whole species is set to be destroyed, matters not to the joy of hurting anything British our continental hierarchy so relish.

As for our own weaklings in Westminster, these puppets have departed their part time sinecures for a lengthy sojourn in luxury, paid for by the rest of us. Note how these grotesqe actions by the favoured industries, biased in favour of French farmers and fishermen, get all the quotas denied our own. 

Particularly the surrender of our own historic fishing grounds. Waters once patrolled by the Royal Navy to protect not just the territorial waters but the fish stocks therein.
This madness needs to stop. The EUSSR is the forecast nightmare it was expected to be. Corrupt beyond history.


  1. Even more enlightening is this link