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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

To Think We Have Thousands Of Such Creatures Here.

I Never Thought Child Sex Grooming Evil Could Be Surpassed.

Asian child molesters roam relatively untouched to practice their racist envy and nastiness through the violation of children for vicarious self gratification. Now they take their depravity and evil doctrine, under the banner of Islam, to slaughter children in cold blood.

This scum fail dismally when pitched in battle against western forces in open warfare. Thus these cowards take on unarmed and innocent children, to assuage their perverted lusts for God alone knows what. Sure western capitalist Bilderberger lust for power is not dissimilar but their secretive abuse of power is at least less blatantly evil than this act of physical depravity.

Any fool, even at the very top of our Establishment, who fails to understand the millions of susceptible, even like minded and ignorantly gullible, evil shits we have welcomed into our homes, for reasons of, mainly, Labour gerrymandering, won't one day follow this horrendous massacre of our own children, is thick and stupid. We've already had a taste in the London bombings and Gunner Rigby murder.

Remember that well worn and so hackneyed phrase, "keeping our streets safe? What an example of the utter incompetence of our post war leaders, except Maggie. The only leader after Churchill's second term to have cojones. 

As for the United Kingdom, it is now very fractured. Awash with enemies and traitors and an Islamic horror show of murderers and freaks, roaming at will, plotting the inevitable mass destruction of so many people and children. Before we know it these cretinous creatures will hold us to ransom and demand our servitude with nuclear weaponry happily set on a hair trigger of "martyrdom".

God bless the Bilderbergers. Our one real ally, Putin, in the war on terror has been alienated, along with a now long lost friend, common sense.

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