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Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Times Briton Of The Year.

For Those Who Are Bothered.

Richard North is one of many who seem to care about our membership of the corrupt EU but even this brilliant mind cannot shrug of perceived personal slight. However, despite reams of criticism, hours of Sky and BBC negative propaganda one main media player gives those of us who bother to consider modern Western decay as enshrined in the EUSSR, hope.

Nigel Farage is a human being. Flawed, often vulnerable, often easily disliked. The greater his public popularity, UKIP's continued success and the chance those who loathe what we, as a Nation, have become, the more the Man, not the ball is played. One thing above all else, confuses the Establishment, I believe.

That is despite murder, (Doctor Kelly, for one), billions on propaganda and a smug delusion of gigantic proportions, the Establishment cannot understand how they are loathed and despised. These same ruling elites, throughout Western countries, pander to political correctness, brush aside horrific black on white racism and envy, such as this. Likewise the brutality of Islamic countries, the spread of child rape and the millions of European wide illegal immigration and its attendant destruction of values once held sacrosanct. The constant lack of will to halt the tide of rotten decay is now understood by the masses.

Is it little wonder that, in the UK at least, the one man most deserving of the title "Briton of the year" is one many feel strong support and sympathy for. In what are ever more scary times, honesty and decency, however skin deep, are welcomed and taken, as a starving man would a supermarket past its sell by date bread roll. If Farage is such a bread roll, better he than the alternative long, slow death promised by the Establishment.

Note the opening words showing how this Establishment is riddled with cronies, crooks and an Establishment rotten core of undemocratic old pals. Briton of the year speaks for all of us who bother.

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