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Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Reality Of Mixing Races.


Why this is as it is, I've no idea.  Except to say that, even when certain races are the majority, horror, deprivation and ugly barbarism still pervades those Nations and continents. If we now look at the displacement of millions of people, for whatever reason, the dangers become global.

This enforced and sought, obsessively, by political and corporate entities, merging of all races and creeds, tribes and factions, now litter the Planet. Not one success story can be found where races, cultures and religions have been thrown together and been successful. I know in my heart this will always be the lot of human existence. 

Only societies which are prepared to nurture and succour their traditions and race, tribe or religion and not seek to destroy them, can survive. Thus the decline of Western white culture is inevitable now the very things which were good about history, evolvement and Christian living are finished. As in the USA, so in the UK and Europe. 

A race to the bottom and a leveling down of all that was considered worth two world wars fighting for. A multicultural, enforced existence, with scant regard for the natural tendencies of human beings to bond with those of similar DNA and race. That tendency reflected in the manner mass migration throws up centres dedicated to, often ghettos, similar nationalities, races and cultures.

We get, virtually every day, references to the "Somali Community" in Bristol.  Asian and or Muslim "Community Leaders", Polish supermarkets, Romany beggars and so on. All spoken of with little sense of irony at how often this labelling emphasises the lack of integration and lack of cohesion. 

Furthermore the prevalence of racist abuse, perpetrated by minorities against the, for now, the endemic majorities, goes unreported. What we are witnessing in the USA is only too close to our own devastated society.  That phrase "as ye sow" springs to mind. The harvest we are reaping is not a healthy one. Unless you are one of the "elite" who perpetrated this nightmare.

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