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Friday, 12 December 2014

QT And Spats.

Massive Fail.

Picture from here.

I have loathed this BBC lick-spittle and privileged son of licence fee payer largess for decades. You can see in the picture, his face, not his fingers, his disdain for all things not of a luvvie, socialist tainted, hue. I would have liked to have done his juvenile tattoo for him. Smug bastard across his well rounded arse.

Still, at last, it seems his incompetence and arrogance shone forth last evening and he lost control of the discussion. Ironic that, even when the audience is, as always, packed with selected leftie guests, placements and Labour has-beens, often mirroring the panel, the present day "debate" is much less malleable and controlled.

I have yearned for so many years, never assuaged, for audience anger to be seen in the raw. Perhaps last evening it was. Not just by the manic and patently stupid lefties, often allowed their stupid dogma to dominate but many of those once brainwashed Labour till I die fools are now seeing the light. If this is so, next May gets ever more entertaining!

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