Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014



Another year closes . The one ahead ushers in a long, vicious, platitudinous, underhand, lying, deceitful and as samey as all those gone before, election campaign, since the 1950s, if not before. That's my first prediction.

Second prediction is that, under severe hatred of its entire citizenry, except those paid by the charlatans in Brussels, the EUSSR will force ever more draconian, undemocratic regulations through, to secure its dictatorship.  

The Bilderbergers, the real puppet masters of Brussels, will create, foment and orchestrate more war, hatred throughout the globe and nastiness on Russia and all those who pine for freedom. Already Ukraine-like interference is popping up in the heart of Russia. No doubt funded by the CIA, as was the Kiev unrest.

The world's economy will remain in the doldrums to keep the BRICS from becoming strong enough to threaten the globalists and their ilk and protect the criminal political systems in hock to mafia controlled drug gangsters. A Sino-Russian axis.

I won't labour the point any longer. In a nutshell, 2015 will be identical to the last several decades. Each year equal to or worse than the one before. The voices of dissent, the UKIP style parties and the genuine needs and desires of the majority of the world's overpopulated billions will be ignored. 

The impossible scale of the globalist ambition will continue to drive the human race towards Armageddon. National identities will be submerged and those manageable interests vilified for their impossible desire not to be part of the despicable decline. One happy to harness whatever forces of evil might be around to exploit. Islamic barbaric terror among them.

In the meantime, in small communities, rural villages and remote, to date, less affected human domiciles, will find happiness, love and kindness, purely from being small and remote. I wish all those deserving of such lives, every happiness, while it is still possible.

One year, in the future, will be different. I hope not in my lifetime, for what that different year will herald. Climate differences will seem small beer then!

May I wish all my fears are wrong and the human race becomes more as Christ taught we should aspire to be.


  1. Personally, I would like to skip to 2016.

  2. That's the statins talking, Demetrius. Have a wonderful 2015.

  3. In the circumstances, saying happy New Year seems asinine/anodyne- so I'm off to overdose on oxycontin.

  4. I predict the longest election campaign this country has ever seen - so thanks a lot Cleggy for forcing a fixed term parliament on us!

    At least he's going to get annihilated in May...good riddance to bad rubbish!

    Same shit, different year IMHO