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Monday, 8 December 2014

Nose In Trough

Stuck Firmly.

After failing to coerce his fellow sporran wearers into helping to break up the UK, fatso, weight loss reversed of course, has decided he wishes to retain his expensive and lavish income, at UK tax payers expense. He claims some rubbish idea that the SNP can become a huge Labour Party, socialist supporting backer at Westminster to assist him in continuing his vainglorious ambition for an EU separate State.

The real ambition for this trougher is to keep his grubby fingers wedged in the State trough such as he so happily gorges on. Well, if the SNP wreck Labour North of the Border, UKIP damage Labour as much as the rest of the old guard and the Tories natural supporters hold firm, his excuse for slobbering over a big salary and UK Office of State may well turn out less than he wishes for.

We can but hope that this lard arse will get the same kicking they all deserve.
 Even if they still get to keep the fortunes stolen from the people. Kinnocks, the lot of them.

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