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Thursday, 4 December 2014

In God's Name.

Why Is The Deficit Such A Surprise.

"There was no money left!"

The punditry and Labours' mouth piece, the cretinous BBC, have been so busy pretending faux surprise at the stubborn reluctance of the deficit to fall. After decades of socialist, profligate incompetence, not least the 13 years the two clowns above were involved, why should it be a "surprise"?

Naturally the electorate must be conned, come what may. The degree of and level of duplicity only to be determined by whichever tribal mumbo jumbo wins over the majority of thick and greedy voters. The truth must not be discussed.

This truth is that, for many years, the majority of this population has been bribed with their own money, only for it to be then pissed up the wall. In the main by Labour and their cohorts in the Union controlled Civil Service.

How these same people pretend shock horror when a different incumbent borrows a small leaf out of their own play book of deceit and bribery. However, when all is said and done, the total worship of state benefit, underwritten consumer spending sprees remains in place. 

It has to stop one day. When it does, almost certainly under a Labour watch, the pain will be great, except for the very individuals responsible. No wonder those two above think it's all very funny. 

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  1. Mrs. Thatcher had the gumption to say that it would take more than 1 term to sort out the mess. If Cameron and Osborne had been as candid at the start they wouldn't be on the back foot now over the economy.