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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Collossus Or A Deadbeat?

No Brainer.

Snot picker Gordo says he giving up his MP bungs after next election. Since he's hardly bothered to turn up, in practical terms he will not be missed. Plus his pay of and pension income will be substantial. Nice work if you can get it.

However, on top of all the ghastly, pension wrecking of millions and the blighting of so many lives, this acknowledged mad man and his track record of economic earth scorching inadequacy Camoron can't wait to spout accolade and adoration in spades. So typical of a political class steeped in delusion and incapable of truthful utterances, when such as Cyclops step down. Their pockets bulging with cash unearnt, undeserved and close to theft from the Public purse.

The penury Brown's dismal raid on once secure pension funds, in 1997, was always known would never impact on those sucking endlessly at the tax payer's teat. That those of us who have seen their retirement badly screwed by Labour should have to listen to the now pathetic praise, rather than scorn, poured over the "rent boy" abuser  Brown's manic scrambled brain encased head is beyond parody.

To add further to this deluge of crap forced down our throats even my fellow county dweller, Quentin Letts, can't bring himself to give us the real truth of Brown's total lack of fitness for high office. Despite some realistic  prose, his "career obituary" has to "big up" a man's character and legacy with not one jot of effort to highlight his part in economic collapse, bank fraud and collusion and acquiescence in illegal wars. Wars he allowed to be waged on the back of insufficient helicopter support and aged, useless, death trap Land-rovers.

I could go on. I am glad to see this cretinous and hopeless imbecilic character gone. I am not best impressed with the sudden outpourings and genuflection to his imagined greatness. Good riddance. Dump several hundred more out of our Parliament and we could all be glad.

I'll leave everyone with a reminder of this man's world saving credentials. A meme with not one shred of fact pertaining to it. A loser not just for himself but millions of beggared pensioners.

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