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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wool Pulling Over Eyes.

Immigration Report Of Today.

As our tame, unquestioning media pour forth their scripted attitudes we get such an outpouring today. This report was, at face value, a hymn of joy to the EU policy of enforced, economic mass migration. However the fundamentals have been shown to be selective and very slewed, to present a glowing scenario. Why might this be?

As with so much about our lives, this is nought but EU funded propaganda. This department of London University is exactly like that global scam that is the IPCC and the poor science and selectivity that besets the global warming self interest and grasping. Funded only if results are shown to be favourable to the clients and their brokers funding the effort.

Look at the money source for today's report. A brief glimpse here tells us much. Scroll down to find " Funding for CReAM research comes from a variety of sources, including ERC and the NORFACE Migration Initiative.." 

Then check out ERC then follow up with NORFACE. See how the tentacles find their way into every corner of our lives, perceptions and future. Of this we can be certain, the happiness and welfare of the ordinary citizen means nothing. We are, to all extent and purpose, having to pay heavily a subscription, to this monolithic dictatorship, for the "honour" of digging our own graves. Possibly literally, in the future. Just as the Nazis exercised their brutality in the last war.

Have a referendum by all means. That it could be won is very dubious, even if the initial vote is for exit, it will be run again, just as in Ireland over Lisbon. Fear tactics, lies and obfuscation would be used to secure the will of the Orwellian future decreed. 2084 might well be the year meant to have been 1984. Then, by year 2200, the Mad Max consequence for the human race kicks in.

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