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Friday, 7 November 2014

What's The Rush?

UK Regional Assemblies.

I am not alone in quickly realising the pompous wannabe part of a new lucrative tier of unwanted and terrible, expensive bureaucracy is getting big media air time. All of the greedy, grasping and so predictable suspects are pontificating their shallow selves like mad.

Osborne, for some weird reason has been put forward to force an unwanted Mayor on Manchester. In essence a future EU State Governor chosen for their EUSSR allegiances. That bureaucrat placement relatively quietly parachuted in whilst regional tenures are being set up. Put together to ensure local council apparatchiks are swallowed up by the EUSSR, with promises of lucrative jobs in return for selling out to this Fourth Reich.

As the link points out, the Scottish referendum was no more than an expensive EUSSR subversion expected to be completed before the victims could realise that the refreshing showers promised were actually canisters of Zyclon B, metaphorically in the short term.

As for this £billion grab by the EUSSR, what a farce. Headlines of it being halved just a typical, underhand, sleight of hand by the Commission and Merkel, to make Cameron look euro sceptic. The Federal State becomes every day more a given and it will be a dictatorship no less nasty than any ever gone before.

That is unless the people throughout the Continent rise up in such force as to sweep these awful, Islamic State loving dictators of the EUSSR Commission away. Brussels had a go yesterday so just maybe the new NAZI run construct might yet fail. I hope and pray it will.


  1. Back in the 70's and earlier there were quite a number of regional or joint arrangements to which the existing authorities belonged for mutual activities. They seemed to work quite well and required minimal staffing and simple joint committees. Quite why it should be necessary to have another full blown layer of bureaucracy is both daft and damaging.

  2. Regional Development Authorities were HMG''s fudge to get round the Fourth Reich's decision that there had to be regional administrations that were kept to a certain size.

    Scotland, Ulster and Wales were no problem as they met the criteria. England was another matter - so rather than just telling Brusssels to bugger off, they set up the RDA's to get get round splitting up the English government.