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Friday, 21 November 2014

What Voting For UKIP Might Achieve.

Reasons For Voting, UKIP 1.

Sorting out the scum and those prepared to get rich defending them. People who now roam our streets at will, share their spoils with senior police officers and Establishment figures, in return for protection. A culture alien in commitment and alien in primitive and uncivilised paedophile immaturity. Deportation is long overdue.

When I say alien to the rest of us, that excludes those in power who for decades have been part of these obscene inadequates and deviants. They are known by some and it's despicable they still remain unexposed.


  1. The picture tells one all they need to know.

    Another reason for voting UKIP is that Nigel shows those 'in touch' with the 'ordinary people' as they like to call us.

    This has just surfaced, filmed in the street, not by a professional camera crew with hand picked disciples asking pre vetted questions, but by a bunch of students who thought he was a tory.

    Could you imagine either of the anti British party's leaders being out without minders or surrounded by their worshippers.

    hope you don't mind the Youtube link Rightie.



  2. Ah its a long swim across the channel ain't it O.R. Kept us safe for a thousand years. Takes idiots and treason to destroy a history never known or equaled. The amount given by this small island, and these reprobates sell there souls (and ours) for a pottage of oil and paper money.
    Importing of lowlife, mentally retarded, backward scumbags that the countries they came from wanted rid, and then say its better for the country.
    If at any time these people want to leave,water wings can be provided at all exit ports.
    Excuse language, but I hope they all die of the f*cking pox.