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Saturday, 15 November 2014

What A Choice.

Camoron Or Wallace.

Two cheeks from the same arse. Watching the G20 posturing by our PM I had to think to myself why is Milibad seen in such a bad light when the incumbent is such an immature, self aggrandising puppet of the EUSSR and their bosses in Washington.

To listen to our PM speaking of a Ukraine democratic election brought about by CIA underhand fomenting of unrest, NATO's Cuban style weapon hopes for a presence on Russia's doorstep and the total corruption placed by vested Western interest in Kiev, is hypocrisy of a major order. Our PM seems more than comfortable with the terror and violence forced on those Ukrainians with Russian leanings, by the Western agents in Kiev, beggars belief.

For anyone with a sense of modern global political influence, the UK is a pathetic Establishment, deluded by a belief we are still a major power. All we are are puppets of the USA corporate gangsters and a distant third behind those in Germany and Brussels wielding ghastly power over us all. People prepared to think they can absorb the Russian people into their sick and immoral club.

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