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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Unrest Throughout Europe.

BBC Turn Blind Eyes.

Brussels in 2014.

My link, as is often necessary, despite the propaganda hurled at the source by chagrined Western and British media, is Little point in expecting the fall of the EUSSR to get any serious coverage from the Establishment traitors of the smug, left wing Stalinists ensconced in their Minarets in London. 

So here we go, courtesy of Mr Vladimir Putin. A leader with passionate credentials for looking after his own people. First up and from the heart of the Reich Admin centre, Brussels. I recall a previous such demonstration when, in 2012 this happened:

Today's violence looks even more aggressive and determined. We can but hope that this despair at the failed euro experiment and its associated Federal German Republic expansionism is to be heavily compromised.

Then we come to the forgotten embarrassment that is the EUSSR corrupt mirror image bunch of gangsters installed in Kiev. This civil war has a long way to go. If I were a betting man I would back Russia's side morally as well as tactically. After all Obummer is a damp squib and failed, swaggering caricature of a President. His mates in the EUSSR haven't the money to bail out Kiev, other than rob already destitute citizenry, as we are seeing in Brussels as well as elsewhere.

If those with the sense to realise what a disastrous enterprise this whole, devious and totally corrupt EU set up has become, seek signs it's going to hell in a hand cart,|I proffer one further issue. Spanish Party, Podemos. Again little publicity since this is yet another radical anti-EUSSR movement. Regardless of the "far Left" label, it's not in the mad, liberal, leftie bracket as the London, Milibad set and their lickspittles embedded in our civil service establishment. Thus it is to be ignored, where possible.

I'll close for now but you may well follow my drift. This Federal EUSSR is crumbling before our eyes. It may need their long game patience to complete its destruction but their belief in time being on their side can easily be turned against them. Indeed maybe this is already happening. Particularly as they may well continue to hemorrhage wealth, to date extracted from previously dense populations, brainwashed into the economic "gas" chambers of the modern world.

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