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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Untouchables Of Power.

Gross But Safe As Can Be.

As every day passes we read of how those in power dodge charges of abuse and corruption. Behind these cover ups is the smug understanding that when all else fails they have their tame thugs in riot gear prepared to brutalise even further their own citizens.

In the UK alone even child abuse is happily pushed aside by the powerful more ready to indulge their own sick needs than do anything their electorate expect of those selected to represent them. If any chance of disclosure might arise, no problem. The corps of rotten and stench ridden scum inhabiting the corridors of power just smoothly do what they deem appropriate to cover their deviant and abusive indulgences. 

Cyril Smith was feted by people who were fully aware of his paedophile activity and flaunted abuse. The likes of Steel, Brittan and the rest were all undeniably involved in collusion to keep all this nastiness under wraps. We have to wonder why? This awful and ghastly cruelty to children goes on today, unchecked.

That foregoing subject is bad enough. However we are also forced to witness the EUSSR corruption and the failure for its accounts to succumb to proper sanction and scrutiny. Yet, as with all matters EUSSR, their favoured sons and daughters remain untouchable. Money, child abuse and any plethora of criminal activity goes largely unnoticed and for sure untouchable.

The violence in the clip above shows the only way anything ever gets a small outlet for frustration but also tells us how the rich and powerful abusers feel no need of fear or retribution. Protected by tame thugs.

If we now watch the ease and smooth way Juncker will glide through his hypocritical modus operandi and the same manner MPs are about to keep their theiving secret the "untouchable" label becomes ever more deserved. Oh for another Cromwell. Or an army of patriots behind Farage.

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  1. I remember a time when public servants were - or appeared to be - just that.

    Public Servants

    Have they always considered themselves to be Public Masters, and if so, why are they suddenly so much more overt?