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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Disunited Kingdom.

Led By A Deluded Political Class Of Hateful Wreckers.

This horror never mentioned. Just another little reminder of their multi cultural Utopia they, in their deluded, arrogant and pathetic bubbles have created. Not for these ghastly people, several of them in the background of the picture as well as the foreground, is their one hint of remorse for the nightmare of rape, brutality and debauchery, their pathetic grandstanding obsession with narcissism has created.

To see these charlatans and grisly failures, the list which is endless and includes media "celebrities" and "big" beasts such as Prescott, the Kinnocks, Bliar, Snot Picker, the "Straw Man" together with their Devil's spawn offspring ready to take over, lauding their depravity and paedophile participation, even if only as facilitators, is gut wrenching. 

This hypocritical wreath laying is but a further nauseating spectacle and demeaning to the memories of the fallen, who did not die in their millions to see the worst of Nazi atrocities now perpetrated hourly on the streets of Britain. Is this exaggeration? I think not. Those wreaths should be for the death of our once wonderful society, now washed away in the flood of disgusting and colluded destruction of "dispensable" lives. Collusion emanating from Downing Street to the filth and squalor of slavery. Still, rest easy, it's all in hand. isn't it?

Scum like Alistair Campbell and his ilk are wealthy and celebrated for their part in illegal war, mass immigration and all that is so wrong with our Country. Not one of them able to admit the carnage wrought. Not when they're part of so much dismal failure. Their labels are irrelevant, be they Labour, Tory or that mongrel Party, LibDum. All part of a despicable, dirty cover up.

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  1. Top blogging, I agree with everything you've said. An excellent read, thanks.