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Thursday, 20 November 2014

LibLabCon Panic!

What Joy. Long May It Last.

Sorry it's not a white van! Another mega rich, hypocritical Milibad obese flagship found out. Just as Snot Picker Gordo showed his credentials for hating his own supporter, Mrs Duff, so Milibad's and now Burnham dragged into the limelight on QT. Burnham, the man who presided over a white genocidal NHS and now claims he is the answer to his own self important incompetence.

Then we had Newsnight trying desperately to pee on UKIP's parade, only for the the Thornberry mega but truthful gaffe to hit the fan. How far up their coke orifices these people are they have so readily forgotten the EU result. One wherein the chatterati's vilification of UKIP only fired people up to support them.

Well, the Rochester result may well do the same. A landslide bolstered by the failed Labour and LibDum support looking for a home to bed down in. If we now throw in the SNP North of the Border and its threat to Labour's ability to win a goldfish next May, it all looks very interesting.

Still, that's a few months off. Let's savour tonight's probable result. One which should blow another hole in that hulk of an Establishment ship long overdue for the wrecker's yard.


  1. The anti-Britain parties and their media whores still don't get it do they, the more they insult and attempt to slur the personal character beliefs or intergrity of their opponents, as they did with Reckless, the more British people will support the victim of their collective bullying.

    Is this because being anti British themselves they have not the foggiest idea how a real Brit thinks or feels, regardless of their colour background or beliefs.

    The best way to get a Brit's back up (and by Christ we can be stubborn buggers once riled) is open bullying of the little bloke, and those in the anti-British parties bully so well, maybe they fail to comprehend they are shooting themselves constantly in the foot because they don't believe in anything themselves.

    Maybe they think we can be bought instead just like them, again they fail completely to understand The British.

    WE cannot be bought, we have had no false promises of jam tomorrow from UKIP, we are under no illusions that to gain our independence again means hard slog for years/decades to establish Britain again as a major manufacturer trader and exporter.

    We have to slow down, then stop, the increasing national debt (elephant in room) and then WE have to start to pay it off.

    WE can do it, but only when our country is independent again and ruled by people with integrity and of independent mind, and we'll do it our way,under our terms, under our laws, and for our childrens benefit.

    We've taken the first steps in the long haul back, well done to Reckless (and Carswell) and UKIP.

    Well done Farage too for having the committment guts and sheer bloody Brit stubborn as a mule grit to see things through, keep it up chap, there's millions of us cheering you all.

    Onward to the general election, hopefully we'll give the anti British parties another good kicking.



  2. hear, hear, Judd. It's sad the likes of RAE North and others consider UKIP supporters with the same disdain as Thornberry and The Establishment.
    May will be a night for staying up. Hopefully with a chilled champagne to be drunk!
    If a hung Parliament and an impossible alliance to be had leaves us without a Government of arses for a year or two, what's not to like?!