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Monday, 17 November 2014

Gross And Guiless.

Camoron's Guardian Tract.

All the UK PM blathered on about today and his Labour counterparts chipped in with their own whiter than white, forgotten culpability, was a reflection on the reality that is collapsing globalisation. I recall those years ago when my criticism of the ghastly corporate Common Purpose obsession with a world, so intertwined, it couldn't collapse.

Well, as ever, greed for power and wealth drove this globalisation rapidly into a bullying dictatorship prepared to interfere wherever their interests were believed to be under threat and would-be allies needed some collateral for doing business.
Ergo the pathetic removal of Saddam, Gadaffi and the so far failed effort to depose Assad. 

All the time the economic vulnerability of the West's criminal economic pyramids were ignored in the smug arrogance of "too big to fail". So the so called global village came under threat of being burnt to the ground. Suddenly, years after 9/11, it has somehow been recognised as the disastrous, even pitiful, time of decline, sought by those behind 9/11.

For all its horrific images, the real terrorists behind Western globalisation are the fundamental cause of our woes. That Camoron and Milibad spout forth, with not one shred of humility for their part in exacerbating the collapse, through war mongering, failure to imprison Bank fraudsters and now blatant interference in Ukraine, beggars belief.

As for Balls, gurning his speech impediment ignorance, another lying and shallow power-monger every bit part of the insurmountable problems as the rest of them. Again not one shred of remorse for his own useless part in our difficulties. That the great unwashed, sink estate dwellers have the capability to put back these failed clowns, is a travesty of decency.

My only hope is that the pathetic horse trading, already underway between the LibLabCon spin meisters, goes deservedly unheeded. Is it possible that the fools in power might get a massive dose of people power emerging common sense. 

I do hope so. We sure as heck need a clone of Cromwell, merged with the intellect of an Enoch Powell. That and the dismantlement of the EUSSR. Thereafter a dose of isolationism by Nations looking after their own resources before the sharing of presently non-existent surpluses holding sway just now.

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