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Monday, 10 November 2014

An Impotent Parliament.

An Impotent Regime.

Tonight in Westminster saw a parade of idiots pretending to vote on a Government Home Office Bill expected to contain the EUSSR arrest warrant acceptance. Fancy dress clowns turned up to force the required passage of this ridiculous waste of time in order to appease our EU masters.

If ever there was a parade of fools, oblivious to the anger seething throughout the rump of our Country, this was it. What a mess and what a show of impotence now endemic in our once great Parliament.

All the faux hand wringing of hands at yesterday's Remembrance Sunday, another disgraceful convenience for the PTB, in order so as to not interfere with the real 11th of November date, was so despicable. A parade of political self interest from people who have long sold out to Merkel's Fourth Reich economic blitzkrieg.

Throw into this mix of gruel Camoron's obsession with poking the Russian Bear and we really reach depths of impotent, inconsequential posturing beloved of our political fools. Me, I'd quit the EUSSR and join up with Russia. More chance of freedom, ironic as it seems, than anything the Corporate led gangsterism of bastardised capitalism we are presently condemned to. 


  1. Certainly more chance than joining up with the Yanks

  2. Though I felt for him on a personal level General Lord Dannatt's arse-over-tit in front of the mike, 30 secs before the nation fell silent, had a certain collective karma about it, vis-a-vis the Establishment.

    The fat lady should be doing her scales come the New year, because by April/May the loonies who run this particular nuthouse will be tearing their skin off looking for an out.

    Happy days