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Monday, 24 November 2014

A Third Reason For Voting UKIP.

Why Vote For UKIP 3.

The Home Secretary announced yet another repetitive blathering on new legislation aimed at terrorism in the UK. This from a Government who in opposition and in power failed abjectly to keep our borders and immigration controls secure.

The collusion of the Establishment to "rub our noses in multi-culturism, well documented, did that in spades. Positive discrimination allowed to become part of a huge armoury of snide bullying and racist taunts by the Left. Taunts to spitefully denigrate, as the Left always does, any contrary opinion to their obsession with equality for all but themselves as the pigs in power.

Now the illegal warmongering, mass migration, uncontrolled borders and untold millions of illegal immigrants are matters all contributing to the warnings that the PTB's "keeping our streets safe" mantra was. A mantra which was and remains the platitudinous clap trap, empty PR it always was. The answer, it seems, is more laws designed to erode freedom and decency.

We keep getting this rubbish, dreamt up by the very same people who have created a Nation swamped with alien and threatening cultures, hell bent on taking over our lives and Country, with whatever they think it will take. Churches closed or pulled down to be replaced by Mosques and "community" places only open to the chosen new invaders. 

A further insult the growing move to reduce the impact of Christmas and the celebration of Christ's birth. That to pave way with enforcement of the worship of a prophet to whom the sexual abuse of children is deemed acceptable. You have to wonder where all those sought after virgins, as reward for martyrdom, are supposed to come from.

Not one politician outside of UKIP has the slightest intent to arrest the ever burgeoning Muslim dominated takeover. Even if they had any intent it would be suppressed, as were Enoch Powell's warnings. 

As for terrorism, if the Islamists consider atrocities and overwhelming fear will expedite the suppression of centuries of an evolving Christian, tolerant and civilised society, then anything goes. Not least the rape and abuse of white children in every single town and city throughout the British Isles.

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