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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

10 Of The Joys Of Multi Culturism.

Probably So Many More.

1. Rape and abuse of white children en masse in every town and city in the land.

2. No go areas controlled by heathens and misogynists.

3. Preferential treatment and priority housing for any applicant if not white.             Known by the oxymoron "positive discrimination".

4. The joyous mixing of toilet and hygiene cultures. Pun intended.

5. Rampant racist staffing in care homes and the subsequent maltreatment of             elderly and vulnerable residents.

6. Benefit payments to non contributory migrants on a scale running into billions.

7. Educational overcrowding of inner city schools having to cope with a plethora     of non English speaking pupils and the subsequent inability to cope properly.

8. An NHS overwhelmed with demand far exceeding the staffing levels capable.

9. Electoral fraud on a grand scale.

10. A complete breakdown of social cohesion.

What a wonderful legacy bequeathed us by the political classes. One right up there with our impoverishment through war and greed.

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  1. If I hated a country, but was in charge thats exactly what I would do.....Hmmmm,