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Saturday, 18 October 2014

What An Embarrassing Few Months Lie Ahead.

All Of It Lies!

Ask not for whom their laughter tolls, it tolls for thee. 

These fools have decided the confidence trick of choice for 2015 is to be their perceived NHS competency and moral high ground. For some inexplicable reason Camoron's lot will not take Labour to task at their genocidal reign of 13 years of terrible, Burnham led, scandal  and the grim reaper of socialist cronyism. 

However let us not dwell on just one, albeit life and death, pain and suffering consequence, of politicians dumb, ignorant posturing. As all of us are slowly realising, all of our establishment are little more than slaves to their corporate masters, with headquarters in Berlin and offices in Brussels. Both in turn, lickspittles to American gangster banks and CIA nastiness.

Mass immigration continues the collusion of said gangsters to create a global dictatorship little better than the Islamic ambition. Those unhappy with these goals are dismissed, vilified and often murdered with as little remorse as are the murders and decapitations loved by the maniacs of ISIS.

Naturally those seeking a rubber stamp for their lustful excesses after next May, in the UK, will have scant understanding of the third world slums our major European and especially the UK towns an cities are evolving into. 

The PTB will be enjoying the benefits now accruing from tax funded bail outs and smiling quietly as the average citizens' wages and pensions' decline in value, to prop up the echelons of cabals and dictators. Milibad, Clegg, Camoron et al can pontificate, promise and claim advantage over each other but they know, in truth, as long as they toe Washington's and the EUSSR line their own privileged lives and wealth goes from strength to strength.

Not for they the Romanian gypsy encampments in the Cotswold Manor acres or, if stinking our Park Lane subways and robbing all and sundry, their gilded cages and transport may stay nosegay protected by their own apparatchiks. 

We have been force fed excrement for decades yet every few years we trot obediently to the polling stations and fall for the broken promises, lies and deceit time and time again. If only we could stop and think of what our Nation has been turned into might we vote differently? 

One thing is for sure, one day the open sewers will flow, unconstrained, in our trek to the polling stations before too much longer. Then, unlike the metaphorical shit poured over our heads by the cretinous bunch in the Establishment, the stench will be so overpowering as to possibly hint at how bad it has been for decades.

Anything less, from Asian gangs of child rapists, hordes of graspers raping our benefits and overwhelming our hospitals, schools and prisons, to the very people happy to have brought about this hell on earth and who themselves enjoy the depravity of paedophile free licence, would be insufficient to make the vast numbers needed to wake up to the need for something better.

As for the marches of today, pathetic. As they whimper at the unjustness of it all, they still cling to one of the mainstream parties. Usually that ghastly Labour bunch, whose hypocrisy over mass immigration and a killer NHS regime has been worse than anything the other lot have managed. Do these idiots ever stop and think how much Labour, followed by a compliant Cobbleition, set us all up for the new world order of decline, for all but  few lucky sycophants and their banker criminals? 


  1. Sadly, Mr O, I agree with every word. Enough to make a grown man cry.

  2. Agree with everything you wrote.

  3. It is funny that you mention sewers and stink in relation to Government inaction.

    I have always believed that, until something actually happens to them, nothing has happened and, they can merrily carry on regardless.

    Here is an example from history of what I mean :

  4. It has been a source of amazement and puzzlement that the Tories did not attack NuLabor more on their record both in office and when they gained the keys to No. 10.

    There has been almost silence from the Tories over NuLabor's malfeasance.

    Yet on the evidence, that even us un-educated proles can see, it's an open goal for Cameroon and his cronies?

  5. Thank you all. Mr Morden, the great stink has remained in Westminster and Whitehall.