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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tough Times.

Oldrightie Needs To Look After Mrs Oldrightie And Dobe For A Few Weeks.

Blogging will be sporadic for while but I will post as and when possible. Mrs OR is to have a hip re-build! OR will be very busy with caring and puppy minding!


Anonymous said...

Poor little dog, worn out after all that playing and eating.

Please convey our very best wishes to the good Lady Rightie if you would be so kind, and a speedy return to the rudest of health.



oldrightie said...

Thank you and will do, Judd.

Demetrius said...

Best wishes and take care, we know.

oldrightie said...

Most kind, Demetrius. She is hopeful of coming home tomorrow but very down from medication just now. As they say, "No place like home"!