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Monday, 13 October 2014

The Stench Of The EUSSR And NATO.

Who Needs Friends....

As ISIL is poised to slaughter another population, a NATO army of incredible size watches dispassionately, as their own political pogrom desires are fulfilled, whilst looking less guilty than if they moved in with ISIL murderers. What a mammoth failure of Western grotesque weakness, led by that genetically modified moron in The White House. He and his EUSSR minions, scared their Common Purpose gets ever more discovered and disgraced, stumble around, broke and busted.

How Kobane could be so readily abandoned, token and useless air strikes sent in purely to give the appearance of action, whilst this NATO and would be EU supposed partner watches gleefully as their tribal competitors, the Kurds, are subjected to the horror soon to overtake them.

Were, unlikely, The Kurds to defeat the ISIS forces, quietly supported by one of NATO's largest armies, then we could see a justifiable denigration of the unholy, self interested power of Western Common Purpose. However nothing can justify the acceptance of Turkey's deliberate and calculated connivance in the likely genocide they will watch done under their noses.

As with the meddling in Ukraine, without the tacit acceptance of a peoples' willingness to become part of the Common Purpose dictatorial and corporate dominance of a society and race, they are considered less than human by the snobbery of wealth and power. We now see a similar behaviour, by Western leaderships, as that of Chinese clamp downs and brutal subjugation.

Anybody stupid enough to think Western political systems and the EUSSR in particular, have any semblance of freedom and democracy, needs to wake up. Trust me, the Russians have become a far superior, Christian democracy and free people than where we stand just now. 

When our media propaganda start wringing their hands over the massacre likely to unfold in Kobane, bear in mind a NATO force will be as guilty as the killers for standing by. By association, so will all of us in the EUSSR be just as guilty. Obummer may be quite happy to watch his fellow Muslims take one more step towards a global domination.

Maybe this is the plan. Corporate and gangster Western interests might well get into bed with any tribe that joins them in this ghastly project and Common Purpose. All it will do and is doing is to plunge the human race into that long ago forecast Mad Max outcome. The total collapse of humanity and the destruction of the planet. Have a good week and pray for the immediate victims of this scenario. 

We will almost certainly be next unless the present Western leadership is swept away before it's too late. Perhaps we should dig up Churchill and clone him. I can think of no other generational leader who might do the same.

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