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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Oh What A Lovely Squabble.

Cyclops Hoping For More Mad Glory.

Cyclops at his smug, mad best. Not even eclipsed by his very public nose picking and snot munching. The ridiculous lunatic was trotted out, with the asylum medics approval, to further the desperate need to protect the Westminster franchise regardless of anything the people might want. There the buffoon was promising the earth to Scotland with ever greater powers and revenue raising theft from the English.

If you wonder why he was so passionate, he saw the possibility of a place at a newly made the top table and ever greater largess at our expense. The new mover of legislation giving more jobs and wealth to the Scottish Labour aristocracy of Scotland. Now he smells the reality. That such power and money will require cutting off the scraggy testicles of socialist, in reality, national fascism akin to a Tartan gestapo.

Regardless of the political in fighting, the emasculation of Labours' Scottish MP representation gives what millions of us lust for. An England free of the socialist yoke. Free from the real bigots such as Snotty.

How this sop to underpin Labours' Scottish vote, by offering devolution and their own parliamentary playground at Holyrood, has backfired. A joke of an unnecessary extra tier of troughers, rogues and charlatans such as Cyclops. One funded by the English majority tax payers.

Next May is going to be a humdinger. The SNP mopping up Labour seats after a failed delivery of unauthorised, panic struck empty promises. What rump might survive allowed only to attend, as spectators, votes affecting only English interests. Thereby robbing Labour and their Union Barons of substantial power to abuse, as they always do, what's left of the UK economy.

Then, whatever Government hue dominates, it's power will be severely diminished even more than it is, by Whitehall's sell out to the EUSSR. With a newly energised people power, through UKIP holding, God willing, influence and seats, we might actually witness a wonderful renaissance of hope and democracy.

How ironic Snotty's ambition and smug sense of superiority may be heavily responsible. A new dawn provided by a mad man's hubris!

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