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Friday, 10 October 2014

Oh What A Lovely Day!

How The Establishment Is Squirming.

Are they listening to a speech from Nige?

Today will probably be the best experience of political and establishment kicking I will ever see. Sure the EUSSR election victory by UKIP was special but today saw their first elected MP. If it were not for the hurried "recount" of newly discovered "postal" votes by Labour plants in the hall, it would have been two new UKIP MPs!

As it happens, such was the cavernous sink hole which opened up under the smug, complacent lefties feet the sad and manipulated recount could not hide the reality of a hole so large, even Milibad's smug, privileged arrogance will struggle to fill it before next May. As for Camoron's mantra trotted out all day long that a vote for UKIP puts the Armenian cast off son of a raging commie in Downing Street. They just don't get it.

If a solid, safe Labour stronghold has to rig a recount to keep the seat, almost anything can happen. As for Scotland, Labour could lose badly to the SNP. The referendum was only 300,000 or so shy of a win and Labour got a kicking then. 

The LibDums are in a very sorry state and like Camoron, Cleggy is now tainted by broken promises left over from 2010. Oblivion stares deservedly that traitor Cleggy and his moronic Party in the face. Good riddance and for many of us, the article linked to makes joyous reading.

Still the silly old farts trotted out their lunatic sound bites blaming we voters rather than understanding how their expenses fiddling, surrender to Brussels and joining forces to bail out their banking gangsters has eventually reached the senses of even the dullest minds. Add to that the 11% pay rise they are soon to receive is it any wonder the electorate is sick of them. Jack Straw was trotted out on the radio and presented a typical and irritating resume that could have been from when the ghastly Kinnock lost to Major. "Nothing to see here...." approach. So superior, smug and arrogant.

As for the media mouthpieces, attempting to twist Nigel's highlighting of our precious and scarce resources, which have, without any by or leave, been doled out to any HIV sufferers easily gaining entry to these shores, it beggars belief. Few of us realised this little gem of generosity with money we have to borrow. A massive scandal but probably one of thousands which a UKIP Privy Councillor would probably pass on to the people who are forced to pay for them.

I must close and enjoy the grin on my face as the cretinous political Establishment struggle to get off their knees. I suspect a tremor has also gone through Whitehall at the thought of having to deal with MPs who arrive carrying a streak of honesty and a passion to blow open the secretive, closet nastiness of all that is so wrong with those who would rule over and abuse the rest of us.

The Peoples' army has a smashing ring to it. Count me in.


  1. I no longer live in the UK. Guess why? Not so much an ex-pat more an exile, never to return.....But I still have a fondness for Tipton (only joking). Will watch developing political events with increasing disinterest- not joking.

  2. Dioclese, great minds think and enjoy alike. FS, I used to sprint the Tipton sign coming home from cycle race training with Hill Top CC! Another century ago.

  3. Maybe to late, take a look.

    UK Parliament comes to an effective end

  4. My apologies mate that link i posted was total garbage ... This from the Boiling frog explains why.

    Note to self ... must research harder.