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Friday, 3 October 2014

More Wasted Air.

Posturing To Treat Us All As Moronic.

Nothing to choose between these clowns. Mates and members of the toffs and wealthy, elite set. Were Milibad and his mate to have exchanged places, then Ed would have made a hush hush trip to Afghanistan and made an identical speech and promised millions to prop up the latest caretaker regime prior to the Taliban take over, ere long. Note Camoron had to go unannounced, for security reasons but thus belying his weasel words.

Camoron made his speech sound as though it was "D" day and the UK were the greatest player in Afghanistan since whenever. A more accurate version is to be found here, however. If the reality and truth were to be made obvious then Labour, Whitehall and Camoron would be seen blatantly for the charlatans and pathetic morons they are.

Afghanistan cost Russia its USSR but our failure gets quietly hidden behind borrowed money, PR and gross unpleasantness. All wrapped up in the spin employed to con the majority into believing their billions of NHS funding has not been squandered. Along with the maiming and lives of soldiers placed in the middle of the battle ground and desert wastelands where they had no genuine business being.

Karzai's corrupt embezzlement, well documented, is but one ghastly but lucky asshole's huge wealth, to compete with Bliar's. The old Soviet bosses were just as abominable and remain amongst the wealthiest gangsters on the planet. Meanwhile Camoron postures the outright lies that our time in that blighted land have somehow made the world a new Utopia.

To hear Camoron's words made me nauseous. This time next year Afghanistan will be a bigger mess than ever. Just as with Iraq. What makes our Government so desperate to pull the wool over our eyes? Is it, probably, all part of the overall plan of subjugation and world government, with Common Purpose scum first in the queue for any power going? Sure seems that way.

I await, with little faith, my post on this region a year from now. My feeling is ISIS will be in an alliance with the Taliban and The West helpless and hapless. Just as the idiots are now where Iraq, Libya and Syria are concerned. Our only choice is which barbarian to support. How about none of them?

Or, if we must, throw in our lot with China and Russia, Syria and Iran so be it. For Oldrightie they make better sense than ISIS. Still what do I know?!